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September 02 2014


The Many Benefits of Storm Shelters

It appears no one is immune to a natural disaster now. Many parts of the country have experienced natural disasters they never imagined. For this reason, countless homeowners are now looking to have storm shelters installed on their property. A storm shelter helps to protect your family when this type of event occurs and can be installed in your yard, patio, carport or garage. You'll find that it won't interfere with parking your vehicle either, if you select the carport or garage option, and storm shelters Tulsa the shelter may be entered with the vehicle in place. If you are worried about protecting your loved ones in the event of a tornado or other catastrophe, the time has come to look into tornado shelters okc.

When a storm moves through an area, it picks up everything in its path. When you make use of tornado shelters okc, you are underground. If the storm picks up your house, your car, trees, and shrubs, you remain safe. The storm moves above the ground and you are underground so you won't be affected. No home today can withstand a major storm, one that may be accompanied by winds of 200 miles an hour or higher. The shelter ensures you have somewhere to go when this type of storm arrives.
storm shelters
The storm shelter actually provides extra room in the home, a fact many individuals overlook. If you like to can food you grow in your garden, you can store these items in the storm shelter. Not only does this give you the room to do so, you also have access to quality food in the event the storm does major damage and it takes rescuers some time to get you out. Food isn't the only thing you may store in this area. Use it to hold other items which may be needed in an emergency, such as toilet paper, water, and your gun collection. Many find their storm shelters offer the space they are looking for, allowing them to avoid adding on to the home itself, an addition which may be damaged by a major storm.

Turn to Smart Shelters Inc to learn more about shelters of this type and their numerous benefits. Every shelter made by this company exceeds FEMA standards and has undergone Texas Tech impact testing. A shelter may be installed in as little as four hours, and each structure comes with an easy sliding lockable lid. The shelters also come with a lifetime transferable warranty. Protect your loved ones from nature's fury. Consider installing a new storm shelter today, as this is a great way to do so. 

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